The Robbin's Nest 

Commonly  asked questions

 Do you ship international? 

We ship free in the US, but international shipping charges will apply.


 How to cancel a subscription? 

We sure don't want to loose you but you can cancel your month to month at any time by logging into your account.  If you have trouble just send us an email and will be happy to assist you. Pre-paid account can not be refunded. 

 How to renew your subscription? 

Your subscription will auto renew.  


When should I expect my box? 

Boxes ship between the 15th and 18 th of the month.   Be on the lookout for boxes a little earlier in the month if there is a holiday! 


How do boxes ship? 

All boxes are shipped USPS.  A tracking number is included on all shipments. 


Can I pick what is in my box? 

We carefully select each item that goes in our boxes for taste, uniqueness and search for a variety of items.  Each box will contain the same items but favors and scents may vary from box to box. 

 What if my box is damaged? 

Oh no, if this happens, just contact our customer service by phone or email and we will solve the problem.